Back to Back

To allow students to review material learned in class.

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Movement, Sociocentric, Dynamic Attention Span, Interpersonal


Students stand or sit back to back, with a partner. Ask a question about the lesson or topic. When you say, "face to face," students turn to face each other and discuss the question. When they are done, have them turn back to back again, so you know they are done. Use Pick a Stick or another non-voluntary protocol, to have students share answers. 

Distance Learning Option:

Have students choose a virtual partner or assign a virtual partner for this activity. Have them stand up and and turn their back to the computer.(VA Kinesthetic) Ask the questions to the students. Then when you say "face to face", students can turn around and discuss their ideas in the chat with their partner. (VA: Sociocentric, Dynamic Attentionspan) You can also put them into breakout rooms with their partner. 
When you say "back to back" students stand back up and stop discussion. Use an accountability protocol such as Roll 'Em or Pick a Stick to have a few partners share out their thinking. 


  • Discussion

  • Movement