$2 Summary

To teach students how to synthesize information.

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Dynamic Attention Span, Subjective


Give each word a value of 10 cents. Students write, on an index card, a "$2 summary" (20 words), to synthesize the learning. This can be scaffolded by giving students specific words, related to the learning, that they must include in their summaries. This can be increased to any amount of money.  

Distance Learning Option(s):

Students can complete their summary and post a video to share with the group (VA Subjective, Dynamic Attention Span). (VA-Collaboration- have students listen to each others' summaries and respond with comments on each others ideas)

Students can complete their summary and take a picture and post it to the platform along with an audio recording .

Students can create a digital $2 summary by using 20 sticky notes (with one word on each sticky note) on Jamboard.

Students can share the $2 summary using padlet or another digital platform.



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