Social Emotional Learning


CLR Social Emotional Learning

We use both a culturally responsive and critical social consciousness-based approach to social emotional learning (SEL).  The intention of this curriculum is to provide all students the opportunity to develop skills that will help them thrive academically and socially, by engaging, educating and empowering them. 

Our unique approach to SEL is intended to give a voice to all lesson participants, educators and students alike. This curriculum is not the traditional teacher-centered, stationary, lecture-style, but rather a platform for rich discussion about topics that are pertinent to students’ lives.  We strive to guide all participants in developing a critical social consciousness which leads to recognizing and disrupting inequities around them.

As you implement our SEL curriculum, be ready to facilitate incredible discussions around essential topics for youth that will support their growth in these four critical social consciousness skill areas.


Students will:

  • Have a better understanding of their own cultural identity and recognize culture as an asset.

  • Understand the value in different perspectives and experiences.

  • Recognize inequities that exist in the world around them.

  • Take action to challenge inequities and advocate for change. 


Our hope is that your journey brings our mission to action: participants developing a critical social consciousness that leads them towards recognizing and disrupting inequities around them.