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Thank you to our partners who are teaming up with us to bring culturally responsive practices and learning into classrooms to positively impact school culture.

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Culturally Responsive Minds, in collaboration with the Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CCRTL), brings you CLR for Students, culturally responsive classroom lessons and professional development.

Each of our over 300 lessons include CLR protocols designed to VABB students in the classroom, while teaching students about topics such as First Thought/ Last Thought, Situational Appropriateness, Culture, Bias, and Identity. This collaboration brings together the work and learning from Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning (2nd Edition) by Dr. Hollie and classroom lessons for students created by CCRTL coaches.


What customers are saying about our SEL Curriculum:

"I feel like I tiptoe on subjects...I’m nervous, like, I feel I don’t want to offend anybody. I get nervous, but then you open these lessons up with them and holly molly, these kids have blown me away this year about what they talk about...and it just goes to show how powerful our students are, no matter what age....these conversations that we’re having with these kids go and flow into social justice. Everything going on is so cool."

Another educator observed that when students understood their own identities through a cultural lens, “Students feel they are successful...It’s [CLR for students] a powder keg for success and accessibility, and advancement and achievement, and it’s foundational to success.”

” One teacher shared: ...first thought, last thought, stereotyping, bias — those are all lessons that you really turn to CLR for Students for help to define things, to help...teach it in a way that kids will understand...you need concepts that are really tricky and hard to talk about, but to really help grow [students’] mindsets.